MeMy blog started out as a platform to put my unfinished (ugh) book out there to see if anyone cared about the characters I was writing about. They did, and so I kept on publishing it.

The blog then turned into snippets of personal memoirs, some funny and some introspective. I took some really good advice and removed the book for fear of copyright issues.

Many changes have happened in the last year and now I have moved to the Big Apple and am trying to get my footing.

My writing has been very sporadic and the book has gone untouched, for quite a while. I’m trying to make my way back to it, while also throwing my daily/weekly thoughts down onto the blog to keep the wheels turning. I’m hoping for a miracle at this point, one that will get me motivated to finish it.

This blog chronicles the unhinging and rebuilding of my gloriously messy life while procrastinating the end of my book and a chapter in my life.

Thank you for reading.



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