TLOVE and my Rite of Passage

It happened. I have lived in the city for three years now and I finally got busted. The parking meter gods at long last found me and took me down. […]

Projectile along I-55

There’s drinking and driving. There’s texting and driving. There’s turning around to yell at your kid driving. There’s reaching under your seat where your phone fell and driving. I had […]

Shit just got real.

People avoid change at all costs. It’s uncomfortable, it brings anxiety and the fear of the unknown drives people to run from it. We are horribly set in our ways. […]

Let the dog poop in peace already.

There are two types of people in the world. Dog people and cat people. There are plenty of folks like myself, who will say they are both but we usually […]

Sometimes People Suck, Part Two

Here we go again. Another week of travel, another week of crazies. I’m sort of starting to see why the airline people are so crabby. This time, I was headed […]

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Confession! There are nights when I feel like just curling up and watching a movie all by myself. Usually it’s a girly movie and mine…

Happiness Is A Warm Gun.

I was delighted a few weeks ago when I discovered that The Fillmore Detroit started following me on Twitter. I’m not sure why this awesome Detroit establishment would have any […]

Sometimes, people suck.

They say ignorance is bliss. It’s not so blissful when you observe really moronic behavior being passed down a generation to a vulnerable, impressionable child. On my short business trip […]