I have blockage.

Things are getting ugly and it’s sort of a mess. I have awful writer’s block. And when I say block, it’s a complete brick wall in my face. I cannot […]

On any given White Trash Sunday…

…You might find me parked on the couch with a bag of Cheetos and a glass of Chardonnay watching the crazy bitches of Mob Wives smack each other around. You […]


Guilt. It’s a five-letter word that doesn’t roll off the tongue. It’s more of a thud. A clunk. It keeps you from sleeping at night and when you open your […]

Ugh. Race me to the finish line?

“…there’s a hormone secreted into the bloodstream of most writers that makes them hate their own work while they are doing it, or immediately after. This, coupled with the chorus […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Have a great holiday weekend! Catch up with Hazel this weekend after you are stuffed with turkey and Tryptophan.

Climbing the Bear, Personal Memior

Climbing the Bear It is late afternoon and the smell of exhaust mixed with sweat swirls around my head as the bus rumbles along the two-lane highway. The dirty, half-opened […]

Black & Gold, Personal Memoir

BLACK & GOLD My summers as a child were spent surrounded by water. I was either cruising atop the waters of Lake St. Clair in my dad’s Bayliner, or doing […]