Social Addictions and Why It’s Working (When I should be working.)

I have become a Twitter addict. I love to follow the inane thoughts of celebrities and the pictures of their ridiculous, over-the-top parties. But, the other reason I am becoming a die-hard fan is because of the networking and writing ideas that can come from it.

There are writers and comedians to follow who you can grab a funny topic from, and you can discover some great blogs from just a random person (like me) tweeting a post attached to their site.

I have a whopping fifty-nine Twitter followers, but it’s been growing steadily in the past couple days. Today, when I put my latest post on Twitter, my blog Twitter followers went from 41 to 59 in a matter of minutes. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s going in the right direction.

Facebook is another great medium to promote yourself. I have 331 blog followers from Facebook. While it’s been good to me, Twitter is a much, much bigger audience and you don’t have to be invited to snoop into the very open lives of complete strangers and you can nose your way into networking with people who share your passion for writing.

Let’s face it. Books are being replaced by Ipads and Kindles every day (I have both myself) and as sad as that is, it is the reality of our culture. Getting online and getting comfortable with reaching out to strangers can be daunting at first. But, the more you interact and start clicking on tweets that interest you, the better writer you can become, your audience will grow, and most importantly, you’ll know what all the Jersey Housewives are doing every minute of the day.

Happy Tweeting!

P.S. I thought this was an interesting article about social media and children’s writing skills.–social-media-are-twitter-and-facebook-bad-for-kids-writing-skills

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