Sometimes, people suck.

They say ignorance is bliss. It’s not so blissful when you observe really moronic behavior being passed down a generation to a vulnerable, impressionable child.

On my short business trip to Vegas this week, I was witness to behavior that ranged from flustered panic to off the charts narcissism to complete and utter ignorant rudeness. Lucky for me, people’s ridiculous behavior makes for good writing topics. To keep it short and you interested, I will be spouting off about the worst offender.

As I stood in the TSA boarding pass line, ripe with a hangover, an irritated man’s complaining started to barge into my eardrums. I internally moaned, rolled my eyes and hoped it wouldn’t last long.  The Mojito’s and Martini afterglow from the evening before had left me in a sour mood and I was none too pleased with his shitty attitude.

My hopes of him shutting it down were dashed as he continued to bitch about all the traveling issues that he and his family had been experiencing from their trip in India.

You’ve seen this type of family before. The youngest son had that annoying long hair down to the middle of his back. It was blonde and a little curly, and they were obviously a surfing, granola eating, tree-hugging bunch. They had their back packs and Birkenstocks on and apparently, were better than any of the rest of us.

The dad prattled on about constantly waiting in lines and how unhelpful all the airline people were. Fine, fine, we get it. None of us want to be patted down or take our shoes off or take our computers out of our bags. I was annoyed, but this type of complaining about traveling drudgery is nothing uncommon.

What came out of his mouth next though, made my jaw drop. He turned to his little blonde surfer son and said:

“See, this is why you must follow your dreams, go for your passion and make goals for yourself. Otherwise, you will end up like these morons who check I.D.’s all day. They do the same thing over and over again and have gone nowhere in life. You do not want to end up like these people.”

He not only said this in ear shot of the TSA people, he made sure to make eye contact with them as he said it. My face flushed with anger, and if I wasn’t so damn hung over, I would have ripped into him. Several people, including a man in a suit (who, no doubt followed HIS dreams) turned to look at him in disgust as well.

ALL work is honorable and the fact that this sub-par human being is teaching his children this type of ignorant thinking is just appalling. I’m sure his boy will make millions as a surfer. And as he travels to his giant wave destinations, he may thumb his nose at all the TSA workers that will usher him into the security lines and make sure that his precious surf board is safe and sound.

Hopefully that young boy has other positive influences in his life and won’t suffer the sins of his father. I am an optimist, and do believe that most human beings are good and decent, but sometimes, people just suck.


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  1. Wow. But, yeah there are alot of really messed up people in the world and some of them get married, have kids, own companies. Scary. I seriously hope his son is influenced by a myriad of other perspectives. His dad is a live mess.

  2. It is scary! The mother did nothing to shut it down either, so those kids are going to also be a mess. Those TSA workers put up with a lot of crap, and although they can be very rude themselves, they didn’t deserve those comments. Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate it!

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