Sometimes, people suck.

They say ignorance is bliss. It’s not so blissful when you observe really moronic behavior being passed down a generation to a vulnerable, impressionable child. On my short business trip to Vegas this week, I was witness to behavior that ranged from flustered panic to off the charts narcissism to complete and utter ignorant rudeness….

Come On. You KNEW there would be a cat post eventually.

We had a deal. Me and this cat. I was to adopt him and he was to be a cat. I bought him the usual swag- a litter box, over-priced food, treats, mouse toys, a plush bed, catnip and a scratching post. He was perfect in the car, not a meow or cry at all….

Black & Gold, Personal Memoir

BLACK & GOLD My summers as a child were spent surrounded by water. I was either cruising atop the waters of Lake St. Clair in my dad’s Bayliner, or doing underwater somersaults in my Grandparents pool. Chlorine and lake water took up permanent residence in my hair and my fingers highly resembled the prunes that…