Am I just being Charlie Brown?

Wow. The absence of words and ideas is torture. To sit on the couch and try to think of something to write over and over again and nothing comes to mind, it’s more than writer’s block. It’s a complete mental situation. The list of things I should be working on is long and more complicated... Continue Reading →

Fleeing the fire, catching the flu

We drove for seven days across the country from Pennsylvania to San Francisco back in September, to change our lives once again. Our cat, Bjorn wailed and cried the entire time. Yes, he was medicated, but he fought through it, and eventually, I cried. Our other cat, Amira, was a saint the entire time (she... Continue Reading →

Climbing the Bear, Personal Memior

Climbing the Bear It is late afternoon and the smell of exhaust mixed with sweat swirls around my head as the bus rumbles along the two-lane highway. The dirty, half-opened window offers no comfort as my head bounces against it, but still, my eyes are getting heavy. The heat and humidity cannot dull the excited,... Continue Reading →

Black & Gold, Personal Memoir

BLACK & GOLD My summers as a child were spent surrounded by water. I was either cruising atop the waters of Lake St. Clair in my dad’s Bayliner, or doing underwater somersaults in my Grandparents pool. Chlorine and lake water took up permanent residence in my hair and my fingers highly resembled the prunes that... Continue Reading →

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