Food Poisoning, Flu, Unemployment and the Coronavirus-Welcome to California!

Wow, have I been putting off writing for my blog or what?! It’s been years- four years-since I posted anything. I have tried numerous times, and each time have felt like, who is really going to care? Blogs were so yesterday a few years ago. Everyone had seemed to tire of them, and Instagram and Twitter captured the short attention spans of us all, and the written word seemed futile.

So many things have changed in that time. We (the husband and cats) left NYC in early 2017 and moved to Pittsburgh, PA (a whole other adventure for another time) and now, have landed ourselves in San Francisco! 

I finally finished my novel, but of course, it is never finished and I have many words to still cut, kill my darlings as they say, and it seems a never-ending frustrating endeavor. So, while I am painstakingly working through that, I need another writing outlet-my blog. 

I can’t say it’s going to be great off the bat. It’s been a while since I freely wrote words that were just mine, not of my characters in my book. So, bear with me, hopefully the wrinkles of insecurities will smooth out. 

In learning from the past, I’m going to try to shorten my posts. There is so much content impaling our eyes on a daily basis, and I myself, tend to skim and get bored easily. Overstimulation of information gets us nowhere.

That being stated, I have so many things to tell you! In snippets. Since moving to California, I have had food poisoning twice, the flu for the first time in 5 years, have been unemployed and struggling, and now, the Coronavirus. 

But, already, this post is dangerously close to being too many thoughts and words. This is just a tease for the super exciting adventures (let’s give that a positive spin, shall we?) that have happened so far in our new life in The Golden State. 

Also, FYI, I will be using whatever font I want to. The novel restrictions for submissions are Times New Roman, size 12. Nope, not here! It’s a party now!

Talk to you soon!

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