Coronavirus-it’s not the only five-syllable word out there.

I’ve fallen a bit behind on the postings here, but I have what I think is a good excuse. Thanks to a friend (thank you Shelby!) I have been introduced to an online critiquing group called I had just been searching for writing groups in San Francisco right before the lockdown. I’ve always either belonged to one, or am taking writing classes, and I go to writing conferences every year. So, I started to do my search for what was happening locally (there is a conference in October, fingers crossed it will still happen) and wasn’t that thrilled with the choices. Many groups consisted of either people half my age meeting up at bars and talking about their “work” or poetry groups or science fiction and fantasy groups. Not what I had in mind. 

In my conversational woes to my friend, she told me about this group. You fill out a profile, and other writers request to be partners. You read each other’s work and critique it. It’s been great so far. I’m reading some really interesting and unique stories and have received useful constructive criticism for my work. Once they critique my work, I go back to the novel and make some changes. So, it is taking up a chunk of my days. But, it’s all for the greater good. My main focus is the book. I mean, it’s supposed to be, but this whole world change that is happening is very distracting. And for some reason, I can’t even come up with something to blog about.

So, I went on to my trusty Writer’s Digest website and looked for some writing prompts. I found this one to be kind of cute and something everyone could do if similar writer’s block pops up. It is:

Write a paragraph in which every sentence contains at least one five+ syllable word. Begin with “Hypothetically speaking … ” So, based on life in the quarantine, I came up with the following:

Hypothetically speaking, this abominable virus could, in the end, bring about some conscientiousness to our society as a whole. We have an opportunity to work together, though separately, to flatten the curve. For our civilization to survive, we must have determination to end this, respect for the serious consequences that come if we don’t follow the rules. And lastly, appreciation for all the essential front-line people risking their lives every day so that we may stay home.

Phew. That is not easy. I challenge you to try it and post it in my comments below!

Stay inside and stay safe!

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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus-it’s not the only five-syllable word out there.

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  1. I feel an unbelievable sense of popularity and appreciation for having been mentioned in this communication. The opportunity to be on the receiving end of your conscientiousness and generosity is Constantinople (I ran out of words). xoxo, Shel

  2. So timely and Immediately viable!

    (I was going to say “unbelievably “ timely but someone already did.)

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