It’s Easter. Let’s Talk About Eggs.

Did you know there are pages and pages on the Internet explaining how to boil an egg? The Burrito & I are still maintaining our healthy lifestyle (see, Absence makes the liver…happier? ) and I wanted to make some hard-boiled eggs for snacking on and to make Avocado Toast, a recipe from Bob Harper’s new book,…

Absence makes the waist smaller.

Removing. Restricting. Eliminating. Withdrawing. These are not kind verbs in their own right and adding them to my nutritional vocabulary has been stinging. You may have read my article, Absence makes the liver…sadder?   that chronicled the start of the process of me and the Burrito (aka, the fiance) eliminating alcohol, sugar and carbs for 30 days….

Absence is making my head…Clearer? Huh.

It’s the morning of Day Six and I am up at 6:45 on a Saturday. Somebody alert the media. I am sipping espresso with a splash of cream instead of my usual coffee drowned in Hazelnut creamer. No pounding headache from too much gin and wine. The usual regret of eating too much is absent….

Absence makes the liver…Sadder? Day One

Monday Let’s talk about these favorite things of mine. 1. Alcohol: Right now it’s 6:52 pm on March 3rd and normally we would be picking out a bottle of wine for dinner. Instead, we will be having tea. Lots and lots of tea.Detox tea to be exact. And compared to wine, it really sucks. We…