Fifty Shades of Red

red wine

You are so beautiful. As I run my hand down the sides of your body, electricity runs through me. My fingers circle around lightly, tracing every inch of your smooth skin. I notice you are slightly chilled, which is exactly how I like you.

Don’t be alarmed. The knife I am using to cut you open is sharp, no jagged edges to mar your sparkling foilage. As I grab you and twist you around and around with the knife to your throat, I get excited. My eyes widen as I slowly peel your top away, exposing the door to your entry.

I’m sorry that I have to force myself on you. It will be fast and relatively painless as I stab and twist deeper over and over again until you pop ever so gracefully beneath my palm.

I bend over and breathe deeply. It’s over, you can relax. Your aroma is intoxicating as it penetrates through my every pore. The scent of tobacco and leather blend magically with your peppered, dark cherry skin. Closing my eyes, I inhale you again.

Velvety, creamy red is your color. As I bend you over, you cascade and flow across the glass. The sound you make as you try to escape makes me smile. It’s slightly unpleasant, the gurgling, but I know you will be worth it, so I keep going.

Finally, you are almost here with me.

I hold you in my hands and swirl you around in our own private dance. You’re flushed and rosy and sparkle in the light. All around you, your long legs stretch out and melt against the glass. I am salivating and breathing harder now. I am ready for you.

I pull you close to me, my lips touching you. The smell of you, your color, it’s all too much. I must have you now.

Ahhhh. You are delicious. I drink you in and hold you on my tongue, savoring every last drop of you. I have missed you. I have missed us.

I promise not to stay away so long next time. We belong together. You, me and that dirty old Rib Eye.

Photo: Copyright All rights reserved by oisingormally

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